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When we ask ourselves the question „where does the kettlebell come from“, we usually do a simple search on the internet. In most cases, we usually find the same “origin myths”:

1. In the early 1700s the word kettlebell (or Gyria) appeared in Russian dictionaries as a training tool.

2. Russian farmers used their scale weights to swing them around; eventually leading to the development of modern kettlebell training.

3. The original and most significant techniques come from Russia.

4. The kettlebell subsequently became the secret weapon of Russian wrestlers, soldiers and special units – while the West seemed to be completely oblivious of their existence.

5. The greatest number of kettlebell exercises were invented in the last 20 years.

Unfortunately, most of these notions, already established in the collective thought, do not completely align with documents, evidence and history.. and that is what we will discover in this video.

Click here to read the 3’277 word-article: https://www.lebestark.ch/2022/02/09/the-true-history-of-kettlebells-its-not-what-you-think/

___ Time Stamp
00:00 Intro
01:02 Prologue
03:49 The Originators – (1800 – 1880)
08:42 The Classics – (1860 – 1900)
14:49 The NeoClassics – (1880 – 1930)
18:19 Epilogue
20:22 90 Days Of Kettlebells

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