In this episode Kettlebell Master of Sport, Mike Salemi (@kettlebelllifestyle), shares with Justin a couple drills to trigger muscle hypertrophy and practice the kettlebell snatch.

Talking points below:

– The half snatch helps to remove the complexity of the drop

– It addresses the eccentric motion

– We’re training the same dynamic power as full snatch on the upswing

– Lowering it similar to the overhead press

– Lower the weight under control down to the rack position

– Just like you’re lowering out of a clean you would lower the bell down in the back swing

– Load up the posterior chain and come through

– Work on the upswing and save everything on the downswing

– Great way to train hypertrophy in the upper body

– If you want to train power, lengthen the duration of the eccentric phase

– Also practice the lowering phase of the cleaning

– With the half snatch helps reduce the complexity of the movement

– Perfect if your hands or tore up

– In kettlebell sport its an endurance sport before its a strength sport

– Its very much about technique efficiency good flexibility in the sports specific positions and postures as well as endurance

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