Kettlebell weights have been around since the 1700s. They have been known by various other names throughout that time – Russian Kettlebell, Western Kettlebell, Greek Kettlebell, Tae Bo Kettlebell, and Turkish Kettlebell. While not nearly as well known as other specialized gym equipment, kettlebells are still one of the more interesting and (dare I say it) entertaining pieces of workout equipment you can find. Kettlebells for sale come in a variety of styles and strength levels and can be found at many fitness retailers.

Kettlebells are essentially dumbbells with a handle. Instead of swinging from side to side like dumbbells, kettlebell weights swing from handle to handle in a circular motion. You can add a handlebar to the bottom of some kettlebells for additional workout features. Kettlebells for sale can also be found online at many reputable retailers.

There is a bit of history involved when it comes to kettlebell workouts. Kettlebell workouts are much more difficult than regular workouts, but that makes them much more enjoyable. They are great for improving technique, balance, and flexibility. Kettlebells for sale also allow for many different types of workouts, including kettlebell swings, cleans, jerks, and get ups.

Many of the better quality kettlebells include an adjustable weight system with an adjustable weight disc which you can raise or lower as needed for your exercises. This adds more mobility and versatility to your workout. You can do many more workouts using kettlebells than you can using dumbbells alone. With your hands full of palms and forearms, your grip will not be as strong and your range of motion won’t be nearly as efficient when using kettlebells compared to when using dumbbells.

One important factor to remember when using kettlebells is that your center of gravity must be in your chest or head, not your legs. Many people make the mistake of trying to lift their arms overhead using their legs. While this works, your center of mass must be in the chest or head. This means that you can’t just raise your arm overhead and send it as far as you want, or you’ll end up with a shoulder injury. Kettlebells work by allowing you to perform overhead movements like swings, cleans, jerks, and get ups while keeping your center of mass in the middle of your body. This keeps your center of gravity in place and prevents shoulder, neck, and even upper back injuries.

I’m not saying that kettlebells are better for you than dumbbells because they aren’t. I’m simply saying that there are definite advantages when it comes to training with them. One of these benefits is weight range. If you’re looking to gain strength in a given area, you’ll be able to do so more efficiently by lifting heavier weights. Kettlebells are great for building both strength and endurance in all the muscles of your body, which is why they are so commonly used by powerlifters, particularly guys.

Another benefit is that kettlebells are great for improving your balance and coordination. Dumbbells don’t allow you to perform movement where your center of gravity isn’t stable, which is a big reason some people have difficulty catching their footing after lifts. With kettlebells, you can lift weights overhead movements such as swings, cleans, jerks, and get ups while keeping your center of mass in place. This allows you to execute the movements more smoothly.

The bottom line is that if you’re serious about getting into kettlebell training, you should start performing videos taken from pro kettlebell trainers. These videos will show you how to perform many of the most common kettlebell lifts, as well as show you how to incorporate other movements with kettlebell workouts. From my experience, the more videos a person has the better they become at kettlebell training. Remember that these videos won’t teach you everything, but they will help make your kettlebell workouts more effective.

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