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Renegade Rows with Kettlebells are GREAT for Stronger Wrists & Arms, here’s why. Doing renegade rows with dumbbells, bands or just body weight are also really good but the kettlebell specifically requires more shoulder stability, more grip strength and more forearm control. Since the kettlebell is a handle sitting on top of a round ball, they have a tendency to move or fall over with people who do not possess a certain amount of strength and control while doing the exercise.

The renegade row is technically a total body exercise. You work your abs/core like crazy since you’re in high plank position, if you incorporate a push up which many people do, you get the chest and triceps more involved. Obviously this move requires you to engage the lats and shoulders just to hold position and then you add the rowing motion on top of that for even more back work. All the while the legs and glutes are tight to help create a stronger foundation and to keep you from rolling one way or the other.

Truly, as Coach Brian Klepacki says, one of the best exercises you can do and one of his personal favorites. If you’re a beginner, do this with a hex or non rolling dumbbell or no weight at all. Just do the motion while you hold your body in a 3 point plank. You can even drop to the knees to reduce the resistance for those of you just trying this for the first time. You can also do this with various kinds of resistance bands. Be on the lookout for more videos about this really cool exercise!

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