What You Need To Know:
OneFitWonder kettlebells strike the ideal balance of quality and price. You can buy less expensive kettlebells, but you’ll be making a trade-off in quality. Here are a few reasons why your next kettlebell should be a OneFitWonder kettlebell:

Kilogram weights hit the most popular kettlebell sizes
Custom, specialized texture designed for enhanced grip without destroying your hands – with or without chalk
Durable finish takes abuse
Perfect handle thickness- not too thin and not too thick. Hold tight even while sweating
Handles that fit two hands for KB swings
Bottoms ground flat for renegade rows, KB handstands, and more!
One-piece casting
Guaranteed weight

View OFW KBs online at http://www.fringesport.com/collections/kettlebells/products/onefitwonder-kettlebell-sets

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