Colin Daring, recently joined Matthew Januszek at Escape Fitness NOW to showcase some of his signature kettlebell juggles, flips and gravity-defying grabs.

For three years, Daring has finessed his kettlebell skills, starting out with the fundamentals and progressing on to more functional flows.

The ‘juggling’ of the kettlebell became a way of introducing more fun and diversity into his workouts, channelling strength to play with different speeds, variations and planes of movement.

In Part 2, Daring takes the training up a gear with some strict swing form, tips on how to generate power from good technique and the focus on driving the weight from the hinge of the hips.

The lesson moves on to flips; the ‘simple’ flip and ‘the oblique’ right the way through to ‘the mug’ and ‘the helicopter’….

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