Today’s leg day workout with Ashley Castleberry is a special one… your legs, your choice!! Do you want to use dumbbells or kettlebells? Or both? The choice is yours. We encourage using both and mixing it up from time to time.

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Coach Ashley Castleberry is no stranger to dumbbells and kettlebells. In fact, she uses them every single week in her training and when coaching clients to be strong and look their best. And just look at Ashley’s amazing legs… she has the best legs!!

Ashley takes you step by step in today’s leg day workout. These 4 exercises are some of her favorites to do herself and with her coaching clients.

Leg Day Workout with Dumbbells & Kettlebells – Your Choice!
3x 10-12 reps each

-Clean to Reverse Lunge
-Close Stance Squat

Perform this for 2-3 rounds for best results as recommended by Ashley.

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