Fitness culture has lots of women jumping around, sweating and beating on their bodies for an hour,
but is it teaching you a skill?

After a month of workouts, are you better at training?

Do you have good form and and technique?

Have you learned progressions and regressions of the movements?

Do you feel like you push train on your own without a video playing telling you what to do?

It wasn’t until I OWNED the skill of training with iron (kettlebells) that I found confidence and independence in my fitness practice.

I stopped believing that I had to do 25 exercises in a workout to get strong and learned how to simply do 3-4 REALLY WELL and in a meaningful way.

Learning to train your body and cultivating a skill will change you in a way that busy aerobic exercise never will.

It will give you power, confidence, know-how and the physique to go with.

AND interestingly enough, you don’t have to beat up your body to get these things, you just have to train for SKILL over sweaty busy calorie-burn nonsense.

Yes I teach kettlebells online.
Link in bio to take my course.

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