Rugged cast iron kettlebells made by SET FOR SET.

SFS Kettlebell Weight Sizes: 18lb, 26lb, 35lb, 40lb, 44lb, 53lb

Our kettlebells are made to use and abuse! They have electrostatic powder coating for better grip & durability. You won’t have to worry about scratches, chips, or rust!

We’ve designed our kettlebells to have the optimal dimensions for the handle, window, and bell. Enjoy hundreds of kettlebell exercises in a natural way.

This is the most versatile total body training tool in the game! You can enhance your performance and conditioning with dynamic kettlebell workouts that move you like humans are supposed to, in all planes of motion! Swing your heart out and become a better, stronger, more mobile athlete.

How you can benefit by buying SET FOR SET’s Kettlebells:
– All-in-one total body workouts
– Fat burning workouts
– Strength & Conditioning
– Body composition
– Core strength & stability
– Body awareness, balance, and coordination
– Stronger stabilizer muscles
– Grip strength like that of Thor!
– Better range of motion and mobility
– Fix muscle imbalances
– Build muscle, strength, endurance!

Learn more about the benefits of steel mace training:

What size kettlebells to buy?

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