Learn more here: https://blog.kettlebellkings.com/cerakote-painted-kettlebells

These will be available Wednesday, November 22 2017.

Original – There are no other bells like this available today, you can choose from one of our designs or create your own!

Durable – Cerakote is more durable than powder, e-coat and matte paint

Functional – Do not sacrifice form and comfort for the look of the bell, you can choose from any of our popular models and add the cerakote finish!

We are excited to release our new Cerakote kettlebells. These kettlebells look awesome, allow for virtually unlimited creativity by the user, but also have the most durable paint available on the market as well as remaining functional like all of our equipment. Cerakote is more durable then powder coat, e-coat and matte paint. You can upgrade any of our models to Cerakote for max durability and creativity.

Read more here: https://blog.kettlebellkings.com/cerakote-painted-kettlebells

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