If you have ever seen a kettlebell then you know they are some of the best tools that you can use in your gym. Kettlebells were introduced in the middle of the 19th century by Thomas Jefferson. He used it as part of his workout regimen. You see, what most people do not know is that this amazing tool has a lot of health benefits to offer you. It was originally designed to be a strength and conditioning device. Today it continues to be one of the best pieces of fitness equipment for home use.

One of the main reasons that so many athletes use these is because they are so versatile. The kettlebells is cast in iron or steel and therefore it weights much more than the traditional dumbbells we use. It’s perfect for athletes because it helps to train both the legs and the hips. The kettlebell is also a sturdy cast iron or steel ball with a handle on top, which enables you to use it to do many different kinds of movements.

Kettlebells are great for beginners because they are very easy to learn moves. Most of the moves just involve using your legs and glutes to move them around. They are also great for building muscle mass.

Now don’t assume that just because you are using kettlebells that you are going to have a ton of abs. That’s not true at all. They are excellent for overall body strength and you can still build muscle. With kettlebells you can improve your core strength, because it uses your muscles for the resistance instead of having them work for a weight. This will help you burn more belly fat while still improving your core strength.

Another advantage to using kettlebells over dumbbells is you can lift much heavier weights with less stress on your joints. When you use dumbbells, your body has to make an incredible effort to hold the weight. You end up with a bigger back due to a higher load, and your arms end up working double duty because you have to get the handle behind you in order to lift it. With kettlebells you can lift much lighter weights because the handle doesn’t have to be as close to your body. Your joints don’t have to work as hard.

Kettlebells also build muscle fast. Your body responds much faster to strength training than it does to endurance training. It actually burns more calories when you perform strength-training exercises. As you get stronger, your body ends up burning calories even when you aren’t doing anything strenuous at the gym. Kettlebells increase your metabolism and allow you to lose more body fat.

The last big advantage of kettlebells that you will notice after using them for a while is that you actually feel better after you have a workout. Dumbbells will sometimes leave you feeling like you have just worked out for an hour! Kettlebells allow you to really focus on getting the results you want from your workout and not just finishing out the day feeling like all work was not worth it. If you spend most of your time in the free weight section of the gym you may find that kettlebells give you a much better workout and you actually enjoy it.

There are many benefits of using kettlebells for beginners that you will notice right away. Remember that you always need to begin with a lower weight than you think you can handle so that you do not get injured. Also, always use proper form when you are working with weights to avoid injury. Once you get a few kettlebell exercises under your belt you will find that you can do many more advanced exercises as well.

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