Pneumatic manipulator Mechline Pro Crane™ with demonstrational gripper for kettle bells of various sizes, mounted on a mobile platform.


By combining the smoothness of the Mechline Pro balance lifter and the versatility of an articulated jib crane we have created Mechline Pro Crane – a flexible lifting solution for many different industries.

Mechline Pro Crane can be adapted to each individual workplace, with a reach of up to 4 meters, and a height-adjustable floor pillar. Add a mobile platform and you can easily move Mechline Pro Crane between different workstations – a simple manual pallet truck will suffice!

The air feed is integrated into the lifting arm and allows air feed to a customized pneumatic handling tool. The crane is electrically galvanized and maintenance-free, and just as for the original Mechline Pro manipulator; a variety of pneumatic configurations can be offered.

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