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If you’re looking for a deep dive on my current approach to training with a kettlebell, this is it.

Kettlebells & Cookies for a Cause was a workshop we put on as part of a donation drive for Vanderbilt’s Children’s Hospital.

Thanks to Cristie Cookie Co. for the delicious post-workout treats and to Kettlebell Kings for donating a set of bells for our raffle!

0:00 Intro
1:59 Why I Train
4:22 Biofeedback & Deep Breathing
11:37 Halos, Glute Bridges and Goblet Squats
20:00 Back Pressure Crunch
22:51 Tug of War Plank
26:08 – KettleBelly
29:37 – Goblet Squat
35:58 – Lat Activation
39:50 – Kettlebell Deadlift
47:27 – Kettlebell Swing
58:51 – Turkish Get-Up
1:05:48 – Bottoms-Up
1:13:51 – Grip Cues
1:18:07 – The Workout

A special thank you to Becca Mitchell and Training Camp Nashville!

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