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2020 gave birth to a pandemic and sparked a revolution for everyone
who wants to lose weight, get in shape, become strong and stay healthy. It also showed us how flawed the fitness system really is when it comes to helping people move more and eat better.

One of the reason why it is flawed is based in its fundamental system of binding people to a membership they don’t use and that doesn’t provide them the tools to reach longterm success.

A good system is supposed to work even after the expert leaves the room or in the case of a global pandemic: A good system is supposed to work, because it makes people independent of the expert who showed it to them.

The revolution that lurks in the bushes of the global outbreak of a virus is an oldschool training equipment called “The Kettlebell”. If you’ve discovered this awesome tool and want to learn about its potential then you have come to the right place.

I want to challenge the way you think about training, getting in shape and staying healthy. There is the so called “old way”. Typical Strength training with machines, free weights and it usually involves you going to a gym that offers this type of equipment.

Even though this system is proven to some extent, I believe that most people need a new way. Statstics are showing that most of the people who join a gym and pay for a membership, rarely use it. This may be part of the huge problem we’re facing today: Lack of movement and a nutrition based on processed foods became the leading cause of death.

Let me show you the new way! What if I told you, that the kettlebell provides benefits such as building muscle, buring fat, improving your cardio-system and coordination, reducing your back pain – all at once simultaneously! This means, that everytime you pick up the kettlebell for a spin, you touch all bases at the same time.

To really understand why we believe in the raw and often unsdiscovered potential of kettlebell training, I want to reveal to you the 10 secrets of our Lebe Stark training and coaching philosophy:

1. Using the russian style to work for longer time
2. Stop treating kettlebells like dumbbells
3. Exploiting the ballistic aspect of the kettlebell
4. Working continously with weights
5. Working continously to burn calories and improve heart function
6. Science says that muscle building is not about heavy weight but mechanical stress
7. Short Workouts with less breaks
8. Reaching the minimum effective dose for change without killing yourself (and producing toxic wast)
9. Using 6 secrets of kettlebell training simultanously- everytime you pick it up for a spin!
10. The kettlebell is fairly new in the western world

This video is a plea for the new way. Most people don’t move often because people lead busier lives. Even though the old way is proven and effective, the data is clear that it’s not optimized to its full potential to help beginners increase their physical acitivy levels and improve their nutrition.

It’s clear that:
– People NEED shorter workouts.
– People must be able to workout from home.
– People have a hard time to stick to going to the gym.

Us coaches should be the resort where people get the information they need; making them independent – without forcing them to stay. This is another problem of the old way.

The goal of this video is to make you think: Maybe the old way isn’t working and that’s why we need a revolution. Kettlebells can provide this revolution in my opinion and you can be a part of it.


00:00 Intro
00:39 The Old Way
01:36 The New Way
04:02 Top 10 Secrets Of The Kettlebell
07:53 The Plea For The New Way

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