Essentials of Kettlebell Training with Coach Chris Wilson

Bigger stronger arms are often the goal for men in the gym or at home. Coach Chris Wilson shows you 6 of his favorite mostly unconventional kettlebell arm training exercises. NOTE – These exercises will work for anyone at any age, man or woman.

Kettlebells have become extremely popular strength tools in recent decades. And while kettlebell training all begins with basic movements like the hip hinge (swing), deadlifts, cleans, snatches, presses and squats – the foundations to KB exercises, there are also arm isolation exercises too!

Russian Kettlebell Certified coach Chris Wilson (RKC) has been using kettlebells in his training for the last 10+ years and is always looking for new, fun ways to use one of his favorite pieces of strength equipment.

Give these KB arm exercises a try and see how you like them. Do them in place of dumbbell, barbell, cable and/or machine training. Swap out some of your current GO TO exercises and sub in some super fun kettlebell arm exercises to hit those biceps, triceps and forearm muscles in new ways.

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