Just one piece of equipment can give you an amazing full body workout! The ProSource Cast Iron Kettlebell is a one of the most effective, convenient ways to build muscle, endurance, and core strength, lending itself to a wide variety of challenging exercises.

Cast Iron Kettlebells come in 5 lb. increments from 5 pounds to 45 pounds at extremely affordable prices + free shipping over $39!

-Combines cardio and strength training
-Improves grip strength, power, endurance, and overall conditioning
-Extra-large, smooth, handles provide a comfortable and secure grip
-Made out of solid cast iron; no welds, weak spots, or seams
-For indoor and outdoor use
-Ideal for kettlebell swings, Turkish get-ups, snatches, farmer’s carries, core exercises, and building stability and strength.

Buy them here: https://www.prosourcefit.com/collections/strength-and-weight-training/kettlebells

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