The kettlebell is an ancient time-tested device which has enabled athletes and professional bodybuilders to develop and improve their physical fitness for centuries. Known as a strength and conditioning device, the kettlebell not only gives you an excellent cardio workout but also works your core muscles extremely well. You can use it to develop power and precision. If you’ve never worked with weights in your life, then you’re missing out on a very important component of fitness. Don’t worry, I’ll explain the benefits of kettlebell training later in this article.

Kettlebells were first created in England in the late 1700s. The use of kettlebells was promoted by Russian strongmen as a new way to improve the Russian strength & conditioning. The Russians claimed that kettlebells were far superior to any other strength and conditioning equipment. They were, in fact, considered to be a cure all for all physical ailments.

The first set of kettlebells were made up of cast iron; hence the name “kettlebell”. The handle of the tool was made out of iron as well. The shape of the handle was such that it would support the entire weight of the user, enabling him or her to execute various exercises perfectly.

Kettlebells have come a long way since those early days. Today, they are usually made from high quality graphite or high tech stainless steel. You can choose between one or two handles for your kettlebells. Each handle functions differently, resulting in completely unique strength training exercises.

In terms of design, kettlebell exercises are the most diverse compared to dumbbells. When it comes to strength training, a user must select the best handle/s that would give him/her the right balance and firmness. A handle should be balanced and not too big or too small for the user. The handle should neither be too soft or too hard. It should ideally match the strength of the user.

If you have never heard of the word “kettlebell lifting”, you might have actually missed one of the most riveting events during the 90s. That would be the 1994 Olympics in Russia, when Russia successfully completed their double set of gold medals. Russia’s performance came as a surprise to the rest of the world because of their previous performances where they were either too soft or too hard. However, if we look at their history of performance, it’s quite clear that kettlebell lifting is what they need to improve on to get to the gold medal stage.

For some reason, some people think that kettlebells are only for strength training and that nothing else can be done with them. This could not be further from the truth. Kettlebells allow a person to perform a wide range of bodyweight exercises without the use of dumbbells or barbells. They allow a person to build his/her muscles up faster, get in shape faster, while decreasing the risk of injury. By having such a diverse range of movement, kettlebells can also give the user a cardiovascular workout that their body needs.

If you’re looking into buying kettlebells, make sure you find the one that’s right for you. If you want something that gives you a more cardiovascular workout, check out the handles which are wider than average. If you want something that allows you to work your abdominal muscles, try out the handles which are wider than average as well. Get exactly what you need to successfully complete your workout from the handles, bars, and the whole body.

Although they might be a little more expensive than free weights, kettlebells are definitely worth every penny. When you buy them, you can use them at home or take them with you anywhere. There is nothing more comforting than having your very own set of dumbbells at home because they make it so easy to workout whenever you want. If you’ve never used kettlebells before, you’ll quickly see why they are becoming very popular all over the world because they’re just perfect for everybody. They are safe to use, highly functional, and very effective.

Even though kettlebells are great for everybody, starting out with the right instruction is going to be the most important thing for any beginner to do. There are tons of great resources out there for getting kettlebell instructions, whether it’s videos, books, online guides, etc… If you’re new to kettlebell training, you need one kettlebell to start, then another one as you learn more about the fitness world.

As your strength increases, you can upgrade to bigger and stronger kettlebells. Eventually, when you’ve reached your fitness goals and are able to use more weight than your starting strength level, then you can move on to using even stronger kettlebells. Remember that kettlebell exercises are very functional, and should not be ignored by anybody serious about their health. Kettlebells are a huge part of a total body fitness program that leads to overall wellness.

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