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We finally did it and released our FIRST English Workout course called 30 Days Of Kettlebells and we’re stoked to announce it! Click here to buy 30 Days Of Kettlebells for 49.99 CHF – http://bit.ly/30days-kettlebells

30 Days of Kettlebells is an intense workout program that builds you up as a beginner without prior knowledge. Please bear in mind that this course is a workout course designed for beginners.

Even though we cover certain aspects of different exercises in small tutorials, this is not a specific technique class or course. We offer these types of courses as well; however they’re (currently) only availabe in German.


When accessing this course on our E-Learning platform called Lebe Stark Academy, you will receive one of the following tasks each day for the next 30 days:

– Workout

Here you will be tasked with a specific workout that you have to complete. The levels gradually increase to keep pace with your development.

If you’re not sure or not feeling well on certain exercises or workouts, feel free to take a rest and put a message in the discussion box in the rop right corner.

– Rest

On these days you can rest and enjoy a workout-free day. Rest and regeneration is as important as the stimulus to grow through a consistens workout routine.

– Rest & Study

These days will task you with a certain kettlebell topic (and video) you can watch, enjoy and takes notes of. Some rest & study days feature an in depth look at the next workout you’re about to get. We highly recommend watching these carefully.

– Rest OR Workout

Here you can choose wether you want to rest or engage in a workout. Bio-feedback from your body is crucial!

Have fun!

Remember to have fun!

You have unlimited access with no time limit to this course once you buy it so if life gets in the way, feel free to take a break and come back to the course anytime.
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