While not nearly as well known as traditional barbell and dumbbells, kettlebell weights can be one of the best and (dare we say it) “fun” pieces of exercise equipment you will find. The simple, but powerful design belies the amazing number of uses that can be had in the gym. Kettlebell sets range from the very simple, but extremely effective weight lifting tool for strength training to an extensive library of exercises designed to target nearly every major muscle group in the body. Add to that the affordability of these tools, and you have the perfect home gym or training ground.

Kettlebell Weights are easy to use and the quality of the weights means you don’t have to break the bank to get great equipment. When I first started with Kettlebell Weights a few years ago I was a bit concerned with the quality of them. After a few months with Bowflex Kettlebell Weights, I have to say they are definitely some of the best we have ever had. The quality of the weights, the feel, and the programming are fantastic. They literally train your body how it was meant to train, which is an awesome thing to know when you are doing strength training workouts.

Kettlebell Weights really is the best kettlebells you can buy, bar none. When you hold them in your hands, they feel like rocks! This is because the handle of the tool is designed to make your trip comfortable, but strong at the same time. The handle fits tightly into your grip, but there is enough room to make sure that you can comfortably hold onto the handles. This is the most comfortable handle I have ever come across.

The Pro version of Bowflex Kettlebell Weights has some great features. The biggest pro I can think of is the ability to perform tons of reps with only 10 lbs. That is huge! Imagine being able to lift that much weight, and keeping up with the reps. Another great feature is the adjustable weight range. You can start out in a very light weight range, and as you gain more strength and experience, you can increase the weight range to the point where you can perform heavy rep workouts.

Kettlebell Weights allows you to perform some amazing overhead movements like clean and jerks, swings, cleans, jerks, and even front squats. These movements involve swinging the bell overhead, and when done properly, can be one of the hardest workouts you have ever done. Another movement I enjoy very much is compound dead lifts. These movements work the entire body and build strength and stamina like nothing else.

With the Pro version, I am able to use the handles at full-weight or partial-weight. That means I do not have to worry about doing sets with lighter weights and sets with heavier weights. I feel like I am doing something productive, and the results are evident with the growth on my biceps, forearms, chest, shoulders, and back. Now, I do not get as big as I use to, nor do I have as much flexibility, but the workouts are still very efficient and solid. In fact, I can do some advanced compound exercises with the weighted handles.

With the original Kettlebell Weights, I could not do the overhead squat until I bought the Titan Fitness Kettlebell. Now, with the original as well as the new Kettlebell Weights, I can lift the weight above my head easily, and get a good workout with the handles. I still need to watch what I am lifting as I might lose my balance, but so far, everything is holding up fine. I am able to do a lot more body-solid workouts each week with the weights, as I am lifting more than I used to, and I am developing some awesome muscle mass in my chest and arms. When I was using the old set of weights, I was always straining my neck and forearms, and that was an issue.

There are really some pros and cons to both the original and the new set of kettlebells. Of course, the one that is weighing most in the pros is that they are so much cheaper. I can get a workout that is extremely effective without having to spend a bunch of money. They also provide a lot more variety of movement, which makes them perfect for all different types of fitness objectives. The only downside to them right now is that I need to get a new kettlebell for my workout.

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