If you are new to strength and conditioning then you should consider kettlebells. The kettlebell is an ancient cast iron or steel ball with a handles attached to its top. It’s been around for centuries and is still used by many today to do many kinds of exercises, which include Olympic weight lifts, functional exercises that train the entire body, and even stretching exercises. Kettlebells are great because they give you a full body workout in only a few minutes a day.

Kettlebells work a variety of muscles, but it is their single-piece design that makes them different from dumbbells. Dumbbells have divided your upper and lower body into separate parts. You use your hands to lift weights, while your legs follow behind to support your body. This causes your hips to compensate and become out of position. Kettlebells, on the other hand, keep your body in position, even as you lift the weights. This allows you to hit all of the muscles in your body with a single movement, which results in more efficiency and less movement related injuries.

For years the Russian peoples were masters of physical strength training. They developed their own style of kettlebell exercises, which they used in both combat situations and everyday life. Their unique exercises included swings, cleans, snatches, jerks, presses and dead lifts. The first Russian “Kettlebell” was designed about 500 years ago in the city of Russia. Its design was similar to the modern kettlebell; it had a flat handle and one-handled cast iron kettlebells.

In addition to these ancient kettlebell exercises the Russian people also made use of other tools such as the pull and jerk, which is essentially a squat performed with an overhand grip. The second most famous Russian tool was the weighted clean and jerk. This single exercise forms the crux of all Russian kettlebell exercises. A typical clean and jerk involve working on both the upper and lower body. Working on the upper body will involve working out the shoulder girdle muscles and triceps; while working on the lower body will mean working the back, abdominal muscles, quadriceps, gluteus, hamstring and groin muscles.

Many American fitness fanatics have latched onto the wonderful world of kettlebell exercises and use them religiously. While kettlebells certainly can help you build strong and powerful muscle groups, they also help you lose fat and tone up your body at the same time. Kettlebells increase your metabolism, meaning that you burn more calories and fat when you perform weight lifting. This is due to the fact that your body is using more muscle when you perform kettlebell exercises than when you do weight lifting with dumbbells. These weight lifting exercises also improve your balance and your range of motion, something that many dumbbells don’t offer.

When performing a kettlebell workout, be sure to perform multiple sets throughout the day. For instance, if you lift three times normal weight sets, then you should lift three times regular weights. In addition, be sure to do this workout with proper form. This means that as you get stronger, you shouldn’t swing your arms too quickly throughout your workout. Instead, you should slow down and contract your body at the proper time.

Kettlebell workouts are great for all muscle groups, but the single most effective movement is the front side single arm Dumbbell Lifting. This movement targets the vastus lateralis, otherwise known as the entire outer front of your hips, and it is responsible for providing you with explosive power for kettlebell workouts. To perform this move, begin with two hands, hold both dumbbells above your head and bend your knees slightly. Next, cross your arms in front of your body, making sure your elbows are facing your body. Now, use these strength generating movements to bring both your upper body and your lower body into an explosive position.

This is a great movement to add to your normal weight lifting routine. As you continue to improve in the proper form, you will be able to include this movement more into your workouts. It’s important to remember that kettlebells are not just for dumbbells anymore. While they do provide many of the same benefits, kettlebells also work in other parts of the body for incredible strength training. Try these exercises, and start incorporating them into your exercise routine. Your body will thank you.

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