If you’ve been paying attention to fitness news in the past year or so, then you’ve probably heard about kettlebells. These awesome weight-lifting tools have been increasing in popularity for good reason. The reason is simple: Kettlebells provide a unique workout routine that’s highly effective for building muscle and burning fat. It also helps you achieve rock hard abs without having to spend hours in the gym. Read on to find out exactly why the world’s greatest fitness experts recommend using kettlebells to improve your life.

Kettlebells are a great workout tool because they allow you to perform multiple movements that build muscle while simultaneously tearing through fat. The kettlebell is basically a cast iron or steel ball with either a handle and a bottom plate which is connected to the bottom of the bell. It’s usually used to do a variety of compound exercises, which include multiple-joint workouts that combine strength, cardio and flexibility into one cohesive exercise. Many experts recommend using between one and two kettlebells for best results.

One of the key benefits of using kettlebells is that they work the entire body, meaning you get a complete workout from your legs, hips, back, shoulders and even your hands and feet. Kettlebell exercises movement patterns are such that they put a tremendous amount of strain on your core, hip, and hamstring muscles. By working these tough areas of your body together, you’re developing functional strength which translates into increased stamina and vitality. You’ll also notice less fatigue during your daily activities because kettlebell exercises movement patterns cause your muscles to contract and release at a much faster rate.

Another key benefit of kettlebells over dumbbells is that kettlebell exercises force you to use a full range of motion compared to doing reps with dumbbells. Dumbbells limit your range of motion by restricting your arm to straighten at the bottom of the movement. Kettlebells allow you to use full shoulder movement throughout the lift and rep, making it more difficult to develop a proper shoulder rotation. With the extra range of motion, you’ll burn more calories and improve your overall cardiovascular conditioning.

Kettlebells require a great deal of grip strength to do their extensive range of movement exercises. This is due to the shape of the handle of the kettlebells, which is designed to allow for greater gripping force. Try holding a pair of dumbbells in each hand, with your wrists bent to form a wide, semi-circular grip. The resistance offered by the kettlebells will force you to use a superior level of grip strength to move them.

Kettlebell exercises force your muscles to adapt to intense movement in a short period of time. This adaptation in your muscle fibers allows them to be more explosive and responsive, ultimately allowing you to create quick results during your workout. Kettlebells work your body through a series of movements that are extremely hard on your joints, but extremely effective at stimulating explosive movement. By having these movements work your body through their full range of motion, you’ll create more power and responsiveness in your movements.

Some of the best kettlebell exercises include single-leg kettlebell swings, double-arm kettlebell swings, and upright kettlebell swings. These movements work the gluteal muscles, as well as other core muscles, helping you to achieve peak efficiency. Gluteal muscles are responsible for facilitating your hip, knee, and ankle movements during squats, lunges, and dead lifts. Core muscles are also very important to running, pushing, and pulling. Core movements are greatly improved through the use of kettlebells, as they integrate the entire midsection into your workouts.

With proper form and efficiency in using kettlebells, you’ll never be sorry that you included these movements in your workout routine. The weight of these objects will encourage efficient movement which increases efficiency in your movements. As your body becomes accustomed to performing these movements, it will be easier to balance them while performing other body movements. This will allow you to have more control over your physique and provide more overall fitness.

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