Don’t try at home … was for inspiration and motivation!

My Story….

For those of you that don’t know my story, thought I would share today. I am 5.5 years into my business, I went from a stay at home mom (best job in the world) to a divorcee 8.5 years ago. When I was transitioning to discover who I was and what I wanted to do I decided at 41 to launch my own company. I was told that I should have consulted certain people and I would have been advised not to do this, maybe was even told that I could & should get a job being a greeter at a store – personally I think I could have rocked that position😉!

I wanted more & at 41 bold, brave a mix likely of good crazy I hope :)! My purpose was to certify trainers so that they could have extra income and have something of passion for themselves as an individual. I think we often want to give what we felt we didn’t have . When I left my marriage I couldn’t rent a place and had no income made by myself. Not going to pull any punches here, I felt like a loser. So if could do my purpose of helping others with my passion – the kettlebell then I was on the right track! The ability to help others to get certified so they had an income & a way to fill their cup up! As the company grew I was able to connect with training clients and guide them not only with their physical training but with mindset – that you are Capable & worth all the dreams & goals you have ! I launched our @kbkbcanadastudioyqr first flagship in 2019 … yes right in the middle of the pandemic!
Nothing comes easily and without work but if you really want something as a trainer and as an individual looking to get their fitness back on track then you CAN DO IT …. I’m living proof! 💕j

Connect with me through DM , email , Start training online or in studio … or Get Certified …. Become part of our KBKB Family!!!

Ps again : don’t try this at home unless you have been with kettlebells for a long time 🙂 Progress your training & skills always !

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