While not nearly as well known as regular weights and dumbbells, kettlebell weights have been one of the strongest and (dare say) most fun types of exercise equipment you will discover. Athletes use kettlebells for strength, to build muscle, lose weight, and improve coordination. If you’re serious about your health, or just in good shape, buying a kettlebell set could be the best investment you’ll ever make. Kettlebells for sale can be found by doing an internet search, or by speaking with your fitness trainer.

Kettlebells aren’t the easiest thing to find on the market. For the sake of this article I’m going to assume that you know nothing about kettlebell weights. The first thing you need to understand is that kettlebell weights, although similar in appearance to traditional dumbbells (especially when they’re used by professionals), actually weigh much more than they look. These things come in a wide array of weights, from the lightest kettlebell weights to the heaviest you can find. To properly workout with kettlebells you should always start out with the heaviest weight you can handle, because this is your limit, not your muscles’ limits.

In addition to their heavy weight, kettlebell weights come in a wide range of sizes and shapes as well. You can get these in all sorts of shapes: rectangle, square, round, oval, and many other possibilities. When choosing the kettlebells you want, there are a few important factors that you need to consider. First, make sure the kettlebells are easy to grip. While I’ve only had one experience with a real leather adjustable kettlebell, I’ve seen a lot of different colored handles.

Another important factor is to know the differences between the two main types of kettlebell weights: the standard and the pound version. The pound version looks and feels like a traditional kettlebell, but it weighs substantially less. You can get both of these at your local fitness store or by shopping online. Kettlebell exercises kettlebell weights have a set number of pounds you can lift, for example 200 pounds. This is similar to what you would use for dumbbell workouts, except you’re using the kettlebell instead.

Another great option that doesn’t involve weights is to purchase a pair of dumbbells. The advantage of dumbbell workouts over kettlebell workouts is that you can use lighter weights, because you don’t have to add any extra weight to the handles. You also won’t have to worry about handles getting worn out over time like you would with kettlebells. Dumbbell workouts use your own body weight as resistance, so you can really work out your muscle groups without having to add any additional weight to your home gym equipment. These are a great option if you’re just looking for a simple cardio workout to get you in shape.

Kettlebell Weights vs. Dumbbell Weights Another big difference between the two is the weight of each. A kettlebell weighs between four and forty pounds, while a set of dumbbells weigh between twenty and forty pounds. Kettlebells are great for strength and conditioning, while dumbbells are great for building muscle. If you’re looking to add a little bit of a kick to your workout, then kettlebell weights may be for you.

The main difference between the two is how they are used and when they should be used. Kettlebells are more used for cardio workouts, whereas dumbbells are used for functional training. The heavier the weights the more effective they are for building muscle. The downside to using kettlebells is they are much heavier than dumbbells, so you will perform better first place gravity cast iron kettlebells are much lighter and easier to use for functional training and for working on muscle.

I personally prefer the latter (functional training) so that I can easily mix and match exercises that work multiple joints, muscles and ranges of motion. Kettlebell weights prevent injury by allowing you to perform weight ranges of motion that you wouldn’t normally be able to do otherwise. With kettlebells you can perform overhead movements like swings, jerks, cleans, get ups, and get downs, as well as dynamic and traditional free weight movements like single legged squats, bent over rows, overhead extensions, reverse rows, single-legged deadlifts and many more. Kettlebells are also great for developing sports and athletic movements like sprinting, pivoting, jumping, cutting, and blocking. Dumbbells limit your motion choices, so even if you are very athletic person kettlebells will help you add new athletic movement to your arsenal of strength training tools.

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