While not as well known as traditional dumbbells and kettlebells, kettlebell weights are actually one of the best and (dare we say} fun pieces of exercise equipment you can get. The simple, but incredibly strong design belies the incredible variety of uses in the physical fitness world. They can be used for everything from push-ups to pull-ups, from cardio workouts to snatching stuff and so much more! So what exactly are kettlebell weights? Well, they’re simply extra weight around a standard weight or an adjustable weight, usually in the form of a thick ball.

The basic design of two kettlebell weights consists of a long handle (usually seven to ten inches long) and two platforms (usually between five to eight pounds). One kettlebell is held on top of the other with a ‘kicker’ attached. These days there are many different handles, but the traditional two-handled design is still highly popular. Simply add extra weight to one platform by wrapping the second with a lengthy piece of leather or even some inexpensive canvas. Then you’ve got a single kettlebell, or double kettlebell for your workout routine.

These days, though, there’s a way to take advantage of the newest wave of kettlebell weights: they have handles that are spring loaded, allowing the weights to be easily retrieved without having to worry about losing balance. This allows you to use your regular old dumbbells for all of your standard push-ups and pull-ups workouts and still obtain the benefits of kettlebell swinging. Plus, you can use these handles to perform more advanced exercises such as the classic snatch or clean and press. Because they’re spring loaded, you won’t slip and fall off of them like you would a traditional dumbbell.

For the truly adventurous, there are also two-handled kettlebell swings with the handles made from wood. These make the workout a little easier, but don’t allow you to fully utilize the benefits of kettlebell weights. If you’re looking for harder workouts, these swings are definitely for you. They’re a bit more challenging than a typical set of dumbbell swings, though. Don’t expect to do superman sets or complete bicep curl ups with these. For hard workouts, these swing from the handle with the same energy that you would use from a power clean.

Kettlebell swings have their roots from when soldiers used them to train their horses. Since the handles will be elevated, they force the body to develop an uneven plane of movement. This is good because it helps to isolate muscle groups to make sure that the workout is very intense. The unique aspect of having the handles at an angle of nearly vertical allows for greater emphasis on your forearms and triceps, which are the parts of the body that see a lot of use during effective kettlebell overhead movements like snatching.

If you want to add variety to your workouts, you can use two kettlebells instead of one. A single handle is easy to control compared to trying to swing both at the same time. You can balance each one out differently, allowing you to target different muscle groups.

Kettlebells are a great option for sale and if you search around online, you should easily be able to find great deals on them. If you purchase them in multiples of three, you can save even more money. It’s always a great idea to check price first and then make your purchase because sometimes Amazon can give you a lower price than a local store.

Overall, kettlebell weights can be a great investment. If you want to work out hard without hurting yourself or having to pay a gym membership, then this is definitely a viable option that you should consider. If you aren’t interested in buying these weights, you do not have to because they are easy to rent or borrow from someone you know that uses weights. Make sure to read through all of the pros and cons so that you know exactly what to expect from them before making a purchase.

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