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Here it is, Part 5 in our our collaboration with the team at Mind Pump Media. So far, we have brought you kettlebell movements for building your legs, back, shoulders and chest. In this last post we will cover using kettlebells to build your arms. (insert shocked emoji). We hope you have enjoyed our series on kettlebell exercises and movements designed to build your physique and muscle mass with kettlebells. Our goal is always to create helpful, informative and safe content for you to explore the world of kettlebells and we think using kettlebells for building muscle mass is an untapped area in our world and that of Mind Pump Media.

This should not be that controversial, but we have a feeling it will be. It seems that the idea of building your arm muscles with kettlebells might be the thing that traditional kettlebell folks and traditional body buidling folks can unite on, in both not liking the idea. Back when we first started we posted an image on Instagram of one of us curling a kettlebell and it did not go over so well. Hear us out, and like any post we make you do not have to do it, but our posts are designed to be informative and bring different types of training to different types of people.

Building Biceps & Triceps With Kettlebells

If you are trying to build your arms, why would you consider kettlebells? The answer is the shape of the kettlebell and the way it rests on your wrist and forearms. Because of this, it causes a lot of stablizer muscles to have to kick in and do work while you perform these movements. Also, the center of gravity created by the kettlebell resting on your forearm at the top of the curl will create more tension at the top of the movement compared to a dumbbell and really make you work throughout the movement.
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We try to make your kettlebell workouts new and exciting each week with our weekly workout list. Our workouts are designed to help you build muscle, burn calories and increase endurance. You can learn more at:

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