Kettlebells and Ultimate Sandbag Training combine for a unparalleled combination. Understanding how to combine kettlebell exercises and Ultimate Sandbag exercises allow you to build a huge amount of variations and progressions. See how this kettlebell workout and Ultimate Sandbag program use the best of both worlds!

Use 30-45 seconds of work 20-30 Seconds of rest
Set 1: Ultimate Sandbag Training Shoveling
Set 1b: Ultimate Sandbag Arc Press from Lunge
Set 2: Ultimate Sandbag Training Rotational Lunge
Set 2b: Ultimate Sandbag Lateral Clean to Rotational Press
Set 3: One-arm Kettlebell Swing
Set 3b: Kettlebell Alternating Military Press
Set 4: Two handed kettlebell swing
Set 4b: Kettlebell Clean and Pres
Perform 2-4 Rounds

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