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The global crisis of 2020 forced gyms to close worldwide. Since then, the kettlebell experienced a spike of interest on Google. So in this video, we’re gonna show you how to build muscle and burn fat with kettlebell training – and throw in som extra diet tipps at then end.

For reference, the video is sectioned into 3 categories so you can make the most out of your time you’re investing to watch it.

1. How to get started with kettlebells
2. Kettlebell training & protocol (for Beginners)
3. Extra diet tips & strategies


We recommend using a competition kettlebell and avoid buying the standards. Competitions are all the same size and are available in different weights while standards change in in size the heavier the kettlebell gets.

We think competitions are superior because once you’ve mastered the technique, you don’t have to accomodate your newly learned technique for different sizes and shapes.


As a Beginner, I would advise you to start with the following workout.

The exercises are:

– Deadlifts
– Press
– Goblet Squat

The protocol is:
– 3 Exercises for 2 Minutes per Exericse
– All 3 exercises are done consecutively
– All 3 exercises equal 1 round
– 60 Second break after every round
– 2-3 rounds in total

Don’t touch the ballistics without proper coaching first. Either check out our services or talk to a certified trainer in your area.


f you’ve expected a diet plan with strict rules, I have to disappoint you.

Diet plans work – however only in the short term.

And we generally recommend a strict diet plan only to people. who mastered the fundamentals of good nutrition first. As a rule of thumb, we use the 80/20 rule with most of our clients.

80% of what we eat comes from whole foods, that are unprocessed such as fruits, veggies or gras fed meat.

20% of what we consume comes from processed foods such as shakes, chips or those highly palatable snacks.


00:00 Intro
00:53 Part I – How To Get Started
02:41 Part II – Workout & Protocol (For Beginners)
04:30 Part III – Extra Diet Tips & Strategies
06:43 – Power Tip & Closing Comments
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