The kettlebells are a training device invented by Michael J. Fox in the 1970’s. It is an ancient device originally designed for gymnasts. The kettlebell is basically a cast iron or steel ball with a handle on the front to which you hang weights. It’s use is wide ranging, from performing total body workouts to targeting specific areas of the body.

Kettlebells have been called a “double-bladed weapon of fitness” because it employs both a strong grip strength as well as a dynamic, jumping-driven movement for increased athletic performance. The kettlebells movements are generally executed by “sticking your arms out to the side”. You use only one arm for the entire workout. This type of movement uses the body’s own power to move the weight, making it very intense in intensity and fat burning. Even though they have been compared to dumbbells, there are significant differences in their application and benefits.

One of the benefits to workout with the kettlebells is its ability to improve your overall conditioning. Kettlebell workouts will build muscle endurance through the entire body. This means it will build muscle endurance for your arms, back, shoulders, legs, and so on. This is great for building endurance and being able to perform more repetitions. In addition, the body works much harder during a set when using the kettlebells than it would when using a barbell or dumbbell. These types of movements are what are needed for athletes to get the edge over other competitors.

The second benefit is that kettlebells are great for improving your functional strength. The functional strength focuses on the back muscles as they are developed when a person performs kettlebell workouts. This is done primarily through the posterior chain. The posterior chain, which consist of the clavicle muscles, the trapezius muscles, and rhomboids, is what provides support for your spinal column, provide stability for your back, and stabilize your hips, knees, and ankles.

Thirdly, kettlebells will help you develop your overall functional ability through the stabilization that they provide. This ability comes from the stabilization of your arms, hips, and ankles through their movement. These movements are dynamic in nature and will require your core musculature to engage through the entire movement. When you workout with kettlebells you will be developing the most powerful core muscles in your entire body.

Fourthly, the kettlebells strengthen your stabilizer muscles. The stabilizer muscles are the ones at the base of your spine and lower abdomen that help to keep your spine and pelvis upright. When these muscles are strong, you will be able to lift more weight than you would if your movements were regulated by your limbs alone. Thus, your strength gains will be directly proportional to the strength of your stabilizer muscles.

Lastly, kettlebells will improve your endurance. Kettlebell exercises work your heart because they integrate a cardio-vascular system. Through the many dynamic movements of the kettlebells you will be strengthening your heart while at the same time improving your endurance. Kettlebell training will provide you with both strength and endurance development, which are essential for your total body fitness. You will also be building strength in your core to support the movement of your arms, thus improving your overall strength.

Overall, kettlebell exercises are fantastic for improving your overall total body strength and fitness. Through their many movement patterns you will be improving your overall efficiency with your movements. Additionally, your overall heart and lungs will be strengthened through their efficient training. Finally, your stabilizer muscles and endurance will improve as you add resistance through your kettlebell exercises. This, combined with your newly acquired ability to control the center of gravity of your movement, will allow you to improve your fitness level in no time at all!

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