In this video, I want to share The 5 BEST Kettlebell Exercises to help you develop EXPLOSIVE Power.

Before I get into those kettlebell exercises, I just want to say that if you’re new here, my name is Prince Bell. I’m a kettlebell coach and a martial arts athlete. I train locally here in Nashville, TN, and I train people online. My goal is to give you the tools to find the glow like Bruce Leroy so that you can become the baddest mofo in your dojo.

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Okay–using kettlebells to train explosive power. Explosion–this is something we as martial artists, as martial arts athletes, as athletes in general ALL WANT TO HAVE. We want to be faster, stronger, and have more power, right?

Explosive power is something you see in all the bests. I mean look at Bruce Lee– that dude is like the definition of explosive power. Dude was bursting with energy…but we don’t have to stop there. When you think about your favorite professional athletes, they’ve just got that thing– like their nervous system can just fire on demand.

Now not all of us were blessed to win the genetic lottery and have these freakish nervous systems and lots of fast twitch muscle fibers, but guess what?

Most people don’t even come close to reaching their full genetic potential–so there’s hope.

So let’s talk about training to become more explosive.

There are LOTS of tools out there that will help you develop explosive power, but there’s one in particular that I feel is one of the best tools out there–I’m not saying it’s THE BEST, but I rank it up there…and that’s the kettlebell.

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