While not nearly as well known as barbell and dumbbell sets, kettlebell weights do have some very strong advantages over them. They’re not just great for building huge muscles – although that’s a huge part of it – they’re also (dare I say it… “…the wave of the future.”) People use kettlebell weights to build lean, mean muscle, to lose weight, to improve coordination, to become more efficient at sports, to learn self defense, and so much more.

Kettlebell workouts can be performed with a regular handle, called a kettlebell handle, or with an adjustable handle, called a Kettlebell Set. Some people like to perform their workouts with both handles. If you decide to get both handles, make sure that you buy some sort of rubber padding so you don’t hurt yourself when carrying them around. Kettlebell exercises should only be done with clean/smooth/free weights.

The reason why so many people are switching from barbells is because it’s much safer than doing free weight training. With a barbell, if your weight range doesn’t fit within the weight range of the handles, you’re in big trouble (and sometimes injuring yourself.) For example, you wouldn’t want to start a new workout program using a 200-pound weight range on your first day. Of course, you probably would if it meant saving a few bucks. But that’s not the case with adjustable kettlebell weights.

Adjustable Kettlebell Weights allow you to work with lighter weights so you can do more types of exercises. For example, when you use kettlebell weights for overhead presses and single hand exercises, you’ll find that they allow you to do more intense workouts because you can use more weight. This is great news for bodybuilders and other individuals who can’t always afford to buy all that expensive equipment. Kettlebell workouts don’t have to consist of huge exercises. In fact, many people who perform workouts with kettlebells do very well with lighter weights and higher reps.

To get started with kettlebell exercises, you need a good pair of dumbbells. When purchasing your kettlebell set, pay attention to the size of each bell. There are different types of kettlebell weights:

First, there are adjustable kettlebell weights. These come in both large and small versions. These weights enable individuals to use lighter weights in order to build strength, while individuals may use larger weights to increase their size. There are a variety of exercises you can do with adjustable weights such as: swings, pull ups, push ups, chin ups and many more. Kettlebell workouts using this type of weights are excellent for individuals who can’t afford free weights, or who can’t find a partner who can exercise with them.

Second, we have the classic kettlebell weights. These weights are extremely classic and were first created back in the 19th century. You will notice that even though starting weights for this exercise can be challenging, it’s also one of the best exercises you can do for your overall fitness level. To work on these exercise, you will want to find the best kettlebell weights for your body type. You will want to work on getting stronger, especially in the lower body. Once you’ve reached your desired fitness level, you can switch to heavier kettlebell weights for added resistance and increased difficulty.

The third group of exercises we’re going to touch on today are reverse or decline kettlebell weights. As the name implies, these types of kettlebell weights help to develop a decline in your center of gravity, which makes it easier for you to do the more difficult reverse and forward chest presses as well as other variations of push up exercises. In addition, as you work on developing a great deal of core strength you’ll find that your balance and overall endurance will improve as well. By working with the right kind of kettlebell weights, you can easily make tremendous gains in your overall fitness level.

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