Follow along with us for a 25 minute, FULL BODY, NO REPEAT kettlebell workout! This is a great workout for overall strength and conditioning. All you’ll need for this workout is a pair of light to moderate kettlebells OR, this can be done with a single kettlebell as well. This workout is split into 4 sections: lower body, upper body, full body dynamic movements and finishing off with the core/abs. If you need modifications for this workout, you can follow Toya for the single kettlebell version. If you have any questions on any of the exercises, drop a comment and we’ll assist you with those as well. If you’re looking to build strength/muscle, get your heart rate up and drop some body fat, this is the workout for you! Grab your kettlebells, and let’s get to work!

Drop a comment and let us know how your workout was with us!🔥

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