Try this 30-min full-body HIIT workout by Philip Irgang, our personal trainer from EVO Fitness Lucerne.

This workout consists of 5 exercises with an additional extra cardio exercise.
1. Sumo-goblet squat with kettlebells
2. TRX push-ups (easier alternative – push-up on knees)
3. TRX low row
4. Hanging knee-raise
5. Treadmill run

The first 4 exercises should be performed 45 seconds with 15-seconds rest in between. After that, you should hit the Woodway treadmill for a 15-second sprint followed by a 30-second walk.

Perform a total of 4 rounds. Maintain a constant rhythm without disregarding your posture or losing control of your movements.

Find the full workout description here:

Workout provided and exercises performed by:
Philip Irgang
Personal trainer at EVO Fitness Lucerne

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